Email Marketing

Premium email marketing software to drive online sales and improve your brand exposure

BeCash offers premium email marketing software to its international merchant clients.

Our fully installable email marketing software provides merchants with a self contained tool that can be fully managed in house (and with no technical expertise required).

This all-in-one package offers so much more than standard email delivery services, with features including (but not limited to):

  • Unlimited customer lists

    With no list or subscriber restrictions, this premium software allows you to run simultaneous campaigns from the one location - without the worries of overloading or service issues. Use the one piece of software for each of your brands at once.

  • Advanced campaign tracking
    View advanced reporting instantly to track your results. With email open rate tracking, link popularity, bounce rates, campaign popularity and more . this sophisticated tool will empower your business to run the most targeted campaigns possible.

  • Customer list segmenting

    This unique feature allows you to segment your email subscribers by demographics, purchasing behaviour, geographic location, age, gender and more. The segmentation feature is easy to use and provides targeted campaigns to your customers instantly.

  • Auto-responders

    With powerful auto-responders, you can ensure maximum the efficiency of your email service. Have mailings sent automatically to new subscribers, set email-by-action rules, send campaign reminders and more.

BeCash can also provide design assistance to its merchants, with cost-effect email template creation to give your communications a professional look that is bound to impress.

For more information about our email marketing software, contact us today.