Affiliate Tracking & Payments

A complete management system that tracks your affiliates and pays your commissions for you.

Developed for both merchants and resellers, BeCash's advanced affiliate software offers comprehensive tracking, full payment management and a sophisticated online account with full reporting.

This complete affiliate management service allows merchants and resellers to run lucrative affiliate programs, driving traffic to their businesses and increasing revenue in record time.

BeCash's Affiliate System Includes:
  • Free sign-up for merchants and resellers
  • 24/7 Online accounts with full tracking and reporting (for you and your affiliates)
  • Reliable affiliate tracking
  • No volume or revenue minimums to meet
  • Free account set up and ongoing support
  • An affiliate payment system
  • Campaign tracking and code generation
  • Customizable commission structures
  • Ongoing support from our dedicated Affiliates department

What is an Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program is an online advertising campaign, designed to drive unique visitors to your website. Unlike traditional advertising, affiliate programs do not require you to pay for the advertisements you place - just the customers who see your ad, and then visit your website. Simply put, an affiliate program is a commission based online advertising campaign, where you get ad placement for free, and pay a minimal commission for every visitor who finds your website via one of your affiliate's online advertisements.

So What are Affiliates?

Affiliates can be any online businesses who receive medium amounts of online traffic to their websites. Through these programs you connect with multiple affiliates who will advertise your business on their sites (via links and banners) in exchange for a small fee for unique website visitors.

How does it work?

Once you have connected with multiple affiliates, you will need to establish commission models, where-by you agree to pay a certain amount of money for each new visitor an affiliate sends to your website.

In this way, you receive increased online traffic, whilst only paying for your online advertisements -- when and if they are working.

How much do I have to pay?

Not much at all...because you're only paying after you've received the results!

At BeCash, our affiliate system supports two different 'commission plans' for our merchants to use. Merchants can connect different affiliates to different commission plans, or simply try one - and try the other once website traffic starts pouring in!

Pay Per Join (PPJ)

Perfect for merchants new to affiliate programs with subscription products and services

Only pay commission on successful sales of subscription services. Every time a referred customer buys from you, you pay a set commission of your sale to your affiliate (advertiser).


Perfect for merchants who want to sign other BeCash merchants up as their affiliates

Pay ongoing revenue to affiliates based on referred sales. Every time a referred customer comes to your business, you pay a percentage of their purchases to your affiliate.

Call for more information about our affiliate programs, or fill out the Contact Us form and a friendly customer service representative will contact you within 24-48 hours.